3 reasons why you should join Cash Converters

01. We are a well established brand with a proven track record

Since Cash Converters was founded in Australia in 1984, we have expanded to 20 countries with over 700 stores around the world. The business has been a household name in South Africa for over 20 years. We have a tried and tested business model that is easily understood in many economies and cultures. Cash Converters is the answer to a very pertinent need in almost every community. Our franchise network is the heart and soul of the business and we are always ready to provide whatever training and support our franchisees require.

02. Cash Converters is a resilient business

Our business model has proven itself to weather any economic storm. This is because our business creates multiple streams of revenue (including pawnbroking, and second hand retail) which is why we constantly deliver double digit growth. We are always in demand, no matter what happens in the economy.

03. We live by our values

The brand itself is founded on the values of honesty and integrity in the way we serve our communities. Our track record shows that we live up to these values. We insist on compliance with the Consumer Protection Act, the National Credit Act and the Second Hand Goods Act.

We believe that life should be a rewarding adventure and we believe that as a Cash Converters franchisee this is exactly what you would experience.

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