Taking advantage of franchise opportunities in southern Africa is a great way to reach for retail success. For those who have taken advantage of the Cash Converters franchise here are some tips for making your store location immensely successful with the help of your employees.

Take care of your employees

This is more than financial; well paid employees are more likely to work well but this is not guaranteed. Employees must feel their voices are being heard and that they are respected in their field. It can be as simple as rewarding someone for a job well done or making a sale with a genuine compliment and a pat on the back. Praise them in front of their peers and even customers so they know their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Never belittle or judge your employees for mistakes; they will happen and if handled incorrectly it will hurt the store’s productivity rather than helping it. It may seem obvious but those who neglect or mistreat their employees will soon realise this is a huge misstep. Happy employees means happy customers, and happy customers means good business.

Implement employee training constantly

A well trained employee will be better at their job. If you see training is not being implemented in day-to-day business you need to step in and see that it is rectified. It may be a simple miscommunication and easy to fix, while some people need to be shown how to do something more than once. Do not chastise them for this. If they are helped to be better positively it is more likely to yield a positive result.

Talk about the merchandise

Taking advantage of a franchise for sale in the form of a Cash Converters means that your products will constantly change. Make a point of talking about the items that come in to inspire ways to sell them. The more the employee knows about a product the better they can relay this information to customers. A clued-up employee will make a big impression on customers and make purchases more likely.

Engage and ask them what they think

To inspire a passion for retail amongst your employees ask for their input on ways to make your franchise opportunity in southern Africa as much theirs as it is yours as an owner. Ask for their opinion on the way things should be displayed or who to target for certain products. You do not have to implement all of their ideas, but make it known that their opinion is valid and appreciated.

Find out how to make a franchise for sale your very own and work your way to retail success with Cash Converters.