So, you’ve decided to buy a franchise, great! The only question left now is, which one? Here are three reasons why owning a Cash Converters franchise is the best of your options when deciding to be your own boss and buy into the most profitable franchise available.

Congratulations, you’ve decided to buy into a franchise. Now we’ll tell you why you should own a Cash Converter’s franchise.

Multiple Revenue Streams

The fact that Cash Converters works on a model that brings in profit from multiple revenue streams means that it is arguably the most consistently profitable franchise you can buy into. This means that regardless of the economic climate at any time, customers will still require Cash Converter’s services. In a nutshell, this means that no matter what economic shift occurs you will always have a means of earning an income.

Our business model has been called recession-proof due to the fact that we offer multiple revenue streams combined with the retailing of second-hand goods. This is based on that people will always need someone to buy and sell second-hand goods from whether economic times are good or tough.

Cash Converters also offers pawnbroking services as well as short-term loans which are secured against the value of the customer’s next salary. The fact that there are not only multiple revenue streams but that these revenue streams are rarely if ever, affected by the economic climate makes it fair to call Cash Converters virtually recession-proof.

Global Brand

Cash Converters is a Global Brand which means our services are not only available globally but our brand is recognised as a trusted service provider all around the world. We are the largest cash and asset converter with an international network of more than 740 stores in 20 countries across the globe.

When it comes to our activity in Southern Africa we have already invested over 260 million Rand over the last 25 years into developing our brand’s presence here.  We look forward to continuing to build a strong chain and benefit franchisees and customers alike. In order to ensure this, we have developed a complete programme of tools geared to ensure the profitability of our franchisees and their Cash Converters stores.

Intensive Training and Support

The reason for our continued global success as a brand has much to do with the fact that we are very much in the picture until franchisees are comfortable standing on their own two feet. This comes in the form of our specially developed, comprehensive training programme for franchisees and their staff. This will continue for two months to help develop all the necessary business skills to understand and apply the services offered by Cash Converters.

Once this section is complete and the store is opened continued training is available via video and e-learning modules as well as in-store training for you and your employees. This continued support structure is always available for whatever you may need to make your Cash Converters store a success. This includes on-call assistance from in-field experts and regional operations managers to help with everything including accounting, marketing, IT, store design and customer care.

These are just some of the reasons you don’t simply own a Cash Converters franchise, you flourish as part of the Cash Converters family. Contact us to be part of the most profitable franchise in Southern Africa.