The business world today is a notoriously cutthroat environment, with many small start-up businesses unable to grow alongside their larger competitors. Franchise opportunities in South Africa are a great way to get past this, because of the naturally symbiotic growth relationship between franchisor and franchisee. This is something to keep in mind when considering which franchise to choose, and here’s how Cash Converters does it:

Growing brand awareness

When buying a franchise for sale in South Africa you are joining a brand, and so you want to be sure that brand is growing. This is important because by becoming a franchisee you are adding value to the brand, and the natural expectation is that the brand will in return this invest by growing with and for you too.

Cash Converters has proven itself as a valuable franchise opportunity in Southern Africa by investing over 260 million rand in the brand over the last 24 years. That is a huge investment that has established a strong brand presence and awareness which is being retained and enjoyed by our franchisees. We also invested in a new franchising website in 2017, as well as an impressive social media campaign that is ensuring our brand is grown effectively over the internet. And this in turn grows you, the franchisee, by directing customers to your store.

Growing brand value

On top of growing our brand awareness we have also made great strides in adding value for those buying into Cash Converters as a franchising opportunity in South Africa. Our Southern Africa brand managed to grow to an impressive total of 84 stores in 2017, bringing in a total turnover of 1.4 billion rand. That was from over 2.2 million transactions in our stores, which is thanks to the growth offered by our franchisees.

A single store does not have the capacity to process that many transactions. This is why franchising opportunities involve mutual growth, because every new store adds to the brand’s capacity. That is why we have made a point of offering the lowest royalty structure in the industry: so that our franchisees get the best value for money. That is why we are one of the best franchising opportunities in South Africa, because we focus on providing you with the opportunity to grow alongside us.

Growth through training

Technology and global trends are changing and developing on a daily basis, which means that constant growth through training is essential to keeping up and staying profitable. That is why we have invested in the Cash Converters Training Academy and offer our franchisees one of the most comprehensive training programmes in the industry. There is an initial, intensive two-month training session for all new franchisees to ensure that you are ready for the business, as well as ongoing training thereafter with classroom, in-store and state of the art e-learning training. In this way we ensure that we keep improving as a leading franchise for sale in South Africa by continually growing our franchisees to excel in the industry.


Growth is what a business needs for success, and that is why this is something you need to look for when deciding which franchise to choose. Find out how you can take hold of the great growth offered by Cash Converters’ franchise opportunities in South Africa.