Taking on a franchise opportunity in South Africa as a business owner carries far less risk than starting a business on your own in today’s economic climate. Franchises allow you to buy and run a location backed by a tried and tested recipe for success built by the Cash Converters franchise globally over the past 34 years.

Are you financially ready to be a franchisee?

The ideal financial situation to be in to become a successful franchisee is to be without large amounts of debt and with enough money to invest. This doesn’t mean having the exact sum you will need to open your franchise location, but having the initial investment money while still having resources to live on before seeing your return on investment.

Return on investment with Cash Converters

Cash Converters has the ability to provide you with the lifestyle you have always dreamed of with a return on investment (ROI) that allows the numbers to ease your anxieties. Becoming a Cash Converters franchisee could see you join the ranks of those who have reported double-digit growth every year for the last five years. This is largely due to income from multiple revenue streams under one roof.

Becoming a financially responsible franchisee

To make money you need to invest, and investing in the Cash Converters franchise is an opportunity to build a life for yourself within a growing empire. If you cannot afford to become a Cash Converters franchisee at this stage, be proactive and search for investors.

The estimated investment levels, including initial working capital, are R 2 812 500 for a mini store and R 3 444 500 for a midi store (as at 1 January 2018). Once you have established that you are ready to be a franchisee and have the necessary finances to cover the setup costs you will meet with our sales team.

Visit Cash Converters to find out more on how you can become a successful retail franchise owner to build a financially stable future for you and your family.