The whole reason you’re looking into which franchise to buy into is because the businessperson in you, the enterprising entrepreneur, wants to reach for success. So the right franchise to choose is one which allows you to be an entrepreneur, even within a set business model.

It may sound too good to be true, but with Cash Converters that is exactly what you get.

No Strict Supply Chains

The essence of being an entrepreneur is the ability to see a need or trend and to cater specifically to that through your business practices. However, many retail franchisors have strict supply chains and regulations, telling you exactly what you need to buy from suppliers to stock your store, which limits your ability to adapt to your market (which could easily change from one suburb to the next or from year to year).

What has made Cash Converters one of the most profitable franchises in the country is the fact that we don’t strictly regulate your stock. If you see a changing need in your area, or a trend in what customers are buying and selling, you can grab hold of that opportunity and make the most of it.

Ever-changing Stock [buy shop]

Adding to the supply chain freedom is the fact that our buy shops bring in an ever-changing variety of stock. Your customers will come in as sellers, trusting you to fill a need for cash by selling things they no longer need, giving you interesting opportunities to sell goods that your customers might not afford brand new elsewhere.

Buy and Sell at Mutually-beneficial Prices

Adding to the opportunities Cash Converters offers both retail and buy shop customers is the fact that you as franchisee are able to set the most beneficial buying and selling prices. We haven’t become one of the most profitable franchises by simply buying low and selling high, because that wouldn’t encourage the constant return business that we see.

Our customers keep coming back because franchisees are able to work out the best price for both parties when buying and selling, staying true to the entrepreneurial spirit. And best of all, our franchisees enjoy the freedom to actually do this.

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