Business success, like baking, requires the correct ingredients. If you put the right stuff in, and use it all properly, you will definitely get the results you want. This is why Cash Converters has proven itself as one of the most successful franchise opportunities in South Africa. Our proven business model’s multiple revenue streams are our tried and tested ingredients for success, because we focus on what our customers need.


Within every Cash Converters store we have two distinct areas of business: retail and financial services. Most people came to know us as a retail franchise dealing in second hand goods, and that is a major part of what we do. The reason why this particular area of business has proven so successful though, and why we have made a point of growing it, is that our customers need money.

The retail side


Our retail side of the business provides for our customers’ monetary needs in two ways: buying and selling. In our ‘buy shop’ we provide customers with a safe and reliable location to sell their unwanted goods for an immediate source of cash – helping customers to clear their homes of clutter and make back cash they wouldn’t have otherwise.


The retail area of Cash Converters stores sells the quality second hand goods that come in, providing other customers with a great source of quality goods at affordable prices. Most of these goods are sold at roughly half the price our customers could expect to pay for new goods in other retail franchises and stores. We also provide our customers with an ever-changing range of products, which allows them to save money yet again by finding goods that would otherwise need to be specially ordered, which can be particularly pricey.

The financial services side


An exciting addition to the Cash Converters business model is the financial services side of our stores. With this part of our business model we go beyond traditional retail franchising to offer our customers secured money lending with Cash Advance. This service allows the customer to get an instant cash loan secured against an item of value, meaning they get money without having to sell their items. This item is then held safely for a month, allowing the customer time to repay the loan and get their item back. Sometimes customers just need a temporary solution, and it’s just good business to fill that need.


We have added one more financial service ingredient: Unsecured money lending. Unsecured money lending takes place through our PayDay Advance and 1 | 2 | 3 short term loan services. Only permanently employed individuals not under debt review are eligible, which helps to curb bad debt. These loans are paid into a Cashies Card which customers can then use in the same manner as a debit card, which means that customers can get instant cash (if they qualify) with the added safety for all of avoiding carrying large amounts of cash.


This is a only a brief, simplified view into a part of what makes Cash Converters a great franchising opportunity in South Africa. We’ve put these ingredients together to become more than just a retail franchise, giving both franchisees and customers exactly what they need in today’s economic climate. Have a look at our franchising page for more information on our great business model and see how our recipe for success can work for you too.