Being in control of your own future and success is a dream for most ambitious entrepreneurs and businesspeople, and many are turning to franchising as a means of achieving that dream. The only question is which franchise to choose. With Cash Converters’ successful track record and recession-resistant business model we are the obvious choice for the best shot at success. Here are a few more reasons to make Cash Converters your franchise of choice.

Intensive training and support


No matter how much training or experience you have in business or management, having all the responsibility for the success or failure of a business abruptly dropped on you is a stressor that has been the ruin of many businesspeople. With over 20 billion Rand of business activity worldwide the upper management of Cash Converters know how to help franchisees become as successful as possible, which is why instead of leaving you to fend for yourself we provide intensive training and support.


While you are in charge of the running of your branch, enjoying the thrill of being the boss, the head office will always be behind you to provide advice and direction as needed, without intruding on your business. Training takes place in the form of practical courses, in-store training ‘on the job’, online via our E-learning platform and also in a classroom setting. This is how we assist your success while also enriching you and your employees.

Never a dull moment


If you are still unsure which franchise to choose and you have an adventurous side  or enjoy wheeling and dealing, Cash Converters provides the perfect opportunity with our multiple revenue streams. What sets us apart from pawnbroking franchises is that aside from just trading goods for cash and vice versa, we also provide short-term loans against a customer’s next salary. Beyond no day seeing the same goods as the one before it, working with these loans provides a whole new dynamic to the business, a fresh new challenge for true business enthusiasts. You will also get personal satisfaction that you are helping people in your community with access to cash when they need it most so that they can go on with their lives.


Further benefits accompany this new business venture as a standard with our turnkey franchise package. As a complete package covering everything you need to get started, Cash Converters will extend a one million Rand line of credit to help you grow you payday lending portfolio. Being your own ‘Big Boss’ would most likely not come with such assistance, which is why being a team leader in this great franchise opportunity in South Africa is drawing so many successful franchisees to us.



Still wondering which franchise to choose? Get in touch and we will be able to tell you everything you need to know. You can also go to our blog to read a few interesting articles about Cash Converters and the exciting opportunities we offer our franchisees.