Having a successful business is great, but you want to be happy in what you’re doing at the end of the day. Chances are good that you may already be successful in your own right, but that happiness and passion for your work is just not quite there.

That is why, in your search to decide which franchise to choose, you need to strongly consider these five factors which are strong contributors to the job satisfaction and overall happiness of franchisees. After all, this is exactly why our Cash Converters franchisees are so happy.

1. Significant support from the franchisor

You want to know that the franchisor has your back, which is why at Cash Converters you start your store’s journey with one month’s onsite support. For your full first month of running the store you will have the help of a Store Development Manager, a highly skilled and trained individual with more than 10 years of experience in the business. More than that, they will also have an intimate knowledge of the store’s operations, which they will help you to grasp as well. How’s that for a great start?

2. Effective training programmes

Leading on from the extensive support mentioned above, we also offer extensive training at the Cash Converters Training Academy. Here you undergo two months of comprehensive training that covers all aspects of the business, as well as helping you to identify and build on the skills you will need, through in-store, classroom-based and also online training.

Furthermore, this training is provided for both franchisees and their employees.

3. Well defined values

While perhaps not a strictly business-focused aspect, a business’s core values tell you a lot about how they operate. For instance, a business with no focus on values is clearly directionless, whereas businesses with strong values tend to back this up with good ethics and direction.

At Cash Converters we have a well-rounded set of five core values that lead our business and our interaction with all franchisees and customers:

  • Passion
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Collaboration

4. Room to grow

One of the most prominent concerns for individuals wondering what franchise to buy into is whether they’ll have room to grow. Forwarding-thinking, independent businesspeople seldom enjoy operating ‘within a box’ and constantly look for ways to improve and grow. With Cash Converters you get that in spades.

Firstly, every day offers something new with different customers, goods and challenges. That means that as a franchisee you get the opportunity to grow as a person, connecting with all sorts of customers and learning about a wide array of products you might not have expected to ever deal with. Secondly, because your stock comes from the ‘buy shop’, you get to grow as an entrepreneur, buying and selling goods that are relevant and not simply acquired from standard suppliers like traditional retail.

5. Return on investment

Finally, business is all about getting significant returns on your investments. And with Cash Converter’s multiple revenue streams and well-established international brand, that is exactly what you get. More specifically, on average our franchisees make up their investment into the franchise within around 18 months!


So, if you are still wondering which franchise to choose for your future as a happy, successful franchisee, get in touch with our team and we’ll be glad to show you just how great your life with us can be.